Many of our long-form courses are geared toward beginners and no prior knowledge of a subject is required. Additionally, these courses often feature pre-work assignments to get you up to speed with essential concepts and tools. Inevitably, our courses attract students with a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise, so we make sure to have instructional associates, office hours, and additional help available as needed to provide personalized feedback and support.
It varies by course and by person, but, as a part-time student, be prepared to work hard and dedicate several hours outside of the classroom each week to review course material and complete homework assignments. Our full-time Immersive students also devote additional time to portfolio projects, networking events with hiring partners, career services support, and more. Either way, our courses are designed to be rigorous and intensive, but, most of all, incredibly rewarding!
A letter of completion is just the beginning. After graduation, our alumni become part of a global community whose members are invested in one another’s success. We also provide the tools they need to foster lifelong learning and pursue work they love. Our graduates gain access to a suite of digital tools, development programs, passes and packages to premiere events, and more.
We are governed by location-specific regulatory standards that we must comply with regarding refunds. For this reason, our refund policy varies based on your location while taking a Train Your Tech Skills course. Click here to learn more about our refund policies.
You will need to have your own computer (a Mac is strongly recommended) and an external monitor (ideally 28” or bigger).
Macs tend to be the industry standard for web development, and are often easier to work with while installing applications and troubleshooting issues. Because of this, we strongly recommended that you use a Mac for class. Instructors can attempt to help if you encounter a problem on a PC, but you should assume that, if you do not use a Mac, you will be responsible for resolving any issues that may arise.
You’ll also need access to high-speed internet and a dedicated, quiet workspace where you feel comfortable focusing, preferably in a private room.
Train Your Tech Skills measures student progress through unit projects, quizzes, and a final course project.

  • Students must take a quiz and complete a project at the end of each unit in order to move on to the next. These assessments test student knowledge and allow them to apply what they’ve learned in real-world contexts.
  • Students must complete 80% of the coursework (i.e., complete 80% of the unit projects assigned). Train Your Tech Skills’s final project is not required to complete the course.
We know it can be hard to focus while learning online. Given the number of real-life and online distractions that may keep you from your work, we’ve designed course activities that keep you engaged and in constant conversations with your fellow classmates, instructors, and instructional associates.
Our lessons are broken up into micro-lectures, which introduce content in short spurts. You’ll then immediately break out into groups and apply what you’ve learned. We also encourage students to interact independently so they can get to know one another better and build a sense of community.
It varies by course and by person, but students should be prepared to work hard and dedicate anywhere between three and 10 hours a week to their coursework. That said, our online courses give students the flexibility to allocate that time whenever is most convenient for them.

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